The Journey

Fixed By Food was born out of my journey to successful healing using food, essential oils and natural supplements. There was a time when I was sick and starting to fail at life because of it. The doctor I had at that time worked diligently to determine the cause of my symptoms and couldn’t pin them down. Some things just aren’t yet recognized or able to be overcome by conventional medicine. I wasn’t ready to remain a victim to a mystery illness so I took matters into my own hands.

an image of Nicci in a pretty white shirt with her brown hair over both shoulders, standing in a meadow outsideOver a period of several years, my daily walk began to change and unfold in ways I never imagined. As an RN I surprised myself by turning to healing foods, personal growth, and natural medicine like supplements and essential oils to heal. I had so much fun discovering that this stuff really worked!

During my journey back to health two things stood out to me. First, healing can be simple! Often when we become responsible for our own health and provide the body the correct fuel it’s innate wisdom is enough. Second, if I could do this for myself I could certainly do it for others.

I made a career change. I am still a registered nurse, but now I get to actively help others be fixed by food as a nutritional therapy practitioner (NTP). My passion is in working with couples facing infertility and other struggles within the perinatal period, but I help a wide range of individuals.

I am so pleased I have not had to take a prescription or over the counter acid blocker for the past 8 months”- Thomas Sartoris

Fixed By Food

an image of Nicole and Colin standing together in a field of grass with trees in the backgroundNutritional therapy is an approach to optimal health that doesn’t band-aid symptoms of a disease.  It helps people discover the root cause of their ailments and uses personalized plans of specific foods and nutrient supplements to support normal body function. Nutritional therapy is different from other nutritional services because NTPs don’t simply recommend food changes. NTPs also use targeted and highly individualized supplemental and lifestyle support to ensure clients are able to maximize absorption and utilization of foods. This is a comprehensive approach to healing that is difficult to find anywhere else in healthcare.

The Fixed By Food system is a unique version of nutritional therapy. I implement a blend of registered nursing and case management experience with knowledge of nutrition and complementary tools such as lab testing, essential oils and helping people partner with their physicians. This offers a comprehensive integration of multiple supportive approaches. At Fixed By Food I am dedicated to making sure clients understand their body and how to communicate with doctors so they can be their own advocate. The integrative and personalized nature of Fixed By Food provides real empowerment and quick achievement of optimal health.

Ultimately, at Fixed By Food I help people who are struggling to find answers cut through the noise of the conventional medical system and complex internet dietary advice to find exactly what their bodies need to heal so they can live their best lives.

If you are struggling with life-limiting health challenges such as infertility, digestive disturbances, insomnia, migraines, auto-immunity, allergies or any lingering, frustrating health challenge and want to be empowered by natural answers for a lasting change, please schedule a consult now. I would love to tell you more about how you can be fixed by food!