Essential Oils

Essential oils are plant extracts that support the health of plants and, lucky for us, support human function as well. They are used safely in the homes of millions as support through times of stress, fatigue, illness, infection, pain and more. The benefits of essential oils are nearly as diverse as the plant kingdom itself.

I have the pleasure of educating individuals and families on the use of essential oils, both in and out of my practice. People who are well benefit from the oils as do people who are walking through illness or grief.

In my practice, where I work with people who are or have been ill, I recommend essential oils. In some cases I can use oils for people instead of pill form supplements to optimize digestion, blood sugar and more.

Traditionally, NTPs do their best to recommend supportive therapy for symptom management, but this isn’t included in the standard training. I take my NTP practice a step further by supporting people with essential oils through their healing process.

Clients come to me with symptoms such as fatigue, head aches and migraines, joint pain, skin concerns or insomnia. It is normal for symptoms to continue until a natural healing protocol has taken full effect. Certified pure, therapeutic essential oils, such as those from doTERRA, bridge the gap. While people are still healing there are oils that effectively support the relief of these symptoms. Of course, we are continuing to work toward a place where symptom management is no longer necessary, but in the meantime, my clients appreciate having oils on hand!

Another way I use oils in my practice is to help clients detoxify their environment. Most of us, healthy or not, have a toxic overload in our lives. Reducing that toxicity speeds healing. Oils are a very pure alternative to personal care products, household cleaners, and air fresheners. This safely and affordably replaces the biggest sources of synthetic chemicals people come into contact with on a daily basis.

If you are curious to know more about doTERRA essential oils please contact me.  Oils and education are my love languages. I want to share them with you! Any service related to essential oils (outside of actually obtaining them) is free to all, whether you are a Fixed By Food client or not. You can also visit my site to buy directly at retail prices, however I recommend reaching out to me to find out more about getting a wholesale account to save some serious money. You can also follow this link to and use the directions below to get your own kit for getting started with doTERRA at a huge wholesale discount.


  1. Click Join and Save at the top of the page
  2. Select Join doTERRA at the bottom right of the page
  3. Choose a country and language
  4. Choose Wholesale Customer
  5. Complete About You Section
  6. Select Your Kit (My favorite is the Home Essentials Kit, a savings of $86.00)
  7. Process Payment
  8. Look for an email from me to set up your complimentary wellness consult!