Savory Roasted “Beet Bites”


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Hi all!

Awhile ago, after I had posted a blog about the merits of beets, I was asked to share my beet recipes. I apologize for the delay in getting one out to you all, but I have good reasons! There for a minute it was really hard to find quality duck fat which is crucial to this recipe.  Ok…maybe not crucial.  Maybe I am just a fat snob.  Butter or ghee will work just as well. I was also avoiding beets for several months because I tested as having a food sensitivity to them.

I’ve thankfully been able to reintroduce them with no problems. As with any food that I am sensitive to I will continue to eat them in smaller quantities and at spaced out sittings, even though I love them and have a lot of fun ways to prepare them. I have used  beet recipes from other authors.  My favorites come from Bulletproof : The Cookbook.  This is one of the only beet recipes that I can claim as my own and its a good one!

Beets are a fairly uncommon dish on the American dinner table, or so I am finding.  I know I never had them growing up and what a shame! Not only are beets nutritious they are actually delicious. One of the main reasons I’m fond of this recipe is that these yummy bite sized beet pieces can sneak into a salad or other veggie medley for those just introducing beets to their, maybe very picky, families.  They’re super versatile though and can also be served as a stand alone side. Lastly, I love how easy this dish is.  I aim to share recipes that are quick and easy because they are realistic!

So lets get down to it.

Savory Roasted “Beet Bites”

Serves 4-6

What you will need:

  • 3 TBSP wild or pastured duck fat (grass fed butter or ghee to sub)
  • 4 medium red beets
  • 1 TSP or more of sea salt to taste
  • Sharp Knife
  • Baking dish – not a baking sheet or the fat may run over and start a fire!
  • Peeler or Norwex Veggie & Fruit Scrub Cloth

Here’s how its done:

  • Preheat the oven to 375
  • Wash the beets
  • Either peel with a potato peeler or while washing scrub well with the rough side of a Norwex Veggie Cloth.  Peeling raw beets is no easy task. The Veggie Cloth easily removes any rough spots and undesirable little roots so I recommend using one.  FYI they also work great on carrots and other veggies. Disclaimer, I do not earn any commission from Norwex, I just love it:)
  • Dice the beets into bite sized pieces.  I like them in about 1/2 inch dice.
  • Place the beets onto the baking dish.
  • Scoop your duck fat onto the beets.
  • Sprinkle with salt.
  • Put into the hot oven.
  • Set a timer for five minutes.
  • After five minutes stir the melted duck fat into the beet bites until evenly coated.
  • Let bake for another 30-35 minutes or until soft.
  • If you desire a little crisp to the outside of your beet bites run the oven on broil for the last few minutes of cooking.
  • Serve hot as a side or as part of a veggie medley or cooled in salads and don’t forget to top your salads with healthy real fats, not anything with soy, canola, or otherwise hydrogenated oils in it.

Lastly, you can use the beet greens like any other dark leafy green.  Just look at the bounty of greens on these beets and they came for free.  Just paid for the beets! I recommend tearing them into small pieces and sautéing them in a generous amount of butter and sea salt in a cast iron skillet over medium until just tender and getting a little crispy.  So good! Colin’s favorite way to eat greens of all kinds.

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