“In October of 2016 I was referred to Nicci Culver by a friend to see if she could help with my issues of Vertigo and GERD. Nicci assessed my diet and habits and changed my diet, supplements and made several recommendations. I am so pleased I have not had to take a prescription or over the counter acid blocker for the past eight months. Nicci also identified certain foods that were triggers that brought on vertigo episodes. I have had a great reduction of vertigo episodes and those infrequent ones I have had have been mild and not debilitating. Thank you so much, Nicci. Fixed By Food has worked wonders for me.”

Thomas Sartoris

“Nicci set me up with a nutritional plan that gave me more energy and helped me to effectively lose weight without ever feeling hungry. No other way of eating for health and weight loss has ever been this satisfying.”

Luke Miller

“I have been working with Nicci since January 2017 to resolve some health issues that I have had for quite some time. I have arthritis and some stomach issues and went to Nicci for help/resolution. I was skeptical at first, but I cannot describe what an amazing change that has happened.  With Nicci’s guidance and expertise I began a new lifestyle with wholesome, healthy foods, supplements and essential oils. She has worked with three of our family members and each of us has had a different plan but we also are able to eat the same foods. Nicci also created a food plan with recipes to get me started. I feel Nicci has a gift from God to share with her clients. I feel great, have lost weight, am sleeping better and have tools to help me in the future with my new lifestyle. I highly recommend Nicci and her program, Fixed By Food!”


“Nicci Culver is truly doing what she is put on this earth to do. It has been an amazing gift to learn all that she has and continues to teach me about my body, nutrition and nurturing my soul. What I really wanted was to learn how to eat better and get in better physical shape without being on a diet. She has such a kind, loving and nonjudgmental attitude. Nicci is also an RN so she has great medical knowledge. She has taught me so many healthy and delicious recipes to nourish my body. I feel free of guilt, of hopelessness of negative talk about myself and it feels sooooo good! Eating clean is where my body feel the best. My confidence in myself has grown, I am stronger at Crossfit than I ever have been. I am so grateful for all Nicci has taught me about nutrition! Thank you!”